Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My awkward first post

So, the ever awkward first post. How lovely. I'll start with a quick introduction. My name is Bill Winters and I am venturing into the world of self publishing some books. So far, I have 3 very short books that I have self published. They are short for a reason, which I will get into shortly. However, I do plan on getting some longer books out there eventually.

One reason that my books are short, is because I don't know that I write them. What does that mean? It's a little complicated I suppose. I suffer from extreme anxiety and depersonalization issues, amongst a few other things. I rarely sleep, even though I take enough sleeping medication to knock out a small horse. To make a long story short, I do basically all of my writing at night. One of the side effects of both my medication and everything I have going on is that I've developed some pretty crappy anterograde amnesia, especially after I've taken my night time medications. Why am I telling you this? Because it explains a little of my writing and what it means to me. I will write at night, save the files and then have no idea what I have written about when I wake up. None. Luckily, I organize them into different projects that I am working on, so I can go back in the day time and put everything together in order to self publish it. But here's the thing - I don't read them. So when I feel I have put enough into a book, I wait until I am finished with it and then I'll read it. It is a weird feeling. Some of the stuff makes sense to me, some of it doesn't. I'm not all doped out on medicine by any means, which is what makes it weirder to me. I'm able to write coherently  and organize everything properly, I just don't remember it the next day.

 I know that is a handful to read. But it's how I write. It's what helps me get through my sleepless nights.

If you wish to read anything I've written, you can find my books on Amazon and one of them on Nook. Thoughts of a Dying Mind and Life of a Shadow are available on Amazon and Words From My Insides is available on both Amazon and Nook.

Any feedback would be appreciated, whether it is here or through reviews on the books. Also, I hope to connect with some other people who are maybe going through similar things as I am.

Thank you for taking time to read this, I truly appreciate it.

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